Welcome to the Hobart Sleep Disorders Unit

The Hobart Sleep Disorders Unit opened in 1994 and it provides the southern Tasmanian sleep service for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders. Please note that the office should be rung (ph 03 6214 3038 or 6214 3041) to arrange an appointment. (We do not ring to arrange appointments on receipt of a referral).

Commonly seen sleep disorders include sleep apnoea, snoring, poorly refreshing sleep, primary hypersomnias (narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia), restless legs syndrome, insomnias, parasomnias and circadian rhythm disorders.

Assessment of your sleep disorder begins with a consultation with our sleep medicine specialist, Dr Hugh Mestitz, for which a current referral from a doctor, dentist or qualified nurse practitioner is required. If a sleep study is warranted, it will be organised at this initial appointment.

Our medical, scientific and reception staff will engage with you to initiate and organise treatments that might be indicated after the consultation and testing.

General information on sleep disorders can be found here.

CPAP, VPAP and BiPAP machine and mask troubleshooting click HERE.